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If you’re having difficulty creating an account or adding money to your CoinTent account, please check that you have enabled third-party cookies. CoinTent utilizes cookies to keep a user logged in to their CoinTent account. Since CoinTent is a WordPress widget, it is considered a 3rd party cookie. Having 3rd party cookies turned off is usually not a default setting on browsers. You can Google about enabling cookies for your specific browser or visit a site like How to Enable Third-Party Cookies in Your Web Browser.

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How CoinTent Works

Typically, Credit Cards and PayPal charge 30¢ plus a percentage of every sale. For small payments, these fees are in excess of the actual price. CoinTent is an innovative, simple, and secure way to make small payments without having gateway fees gobble up all of the profits.

Using your Credit Card or PayPal account, an amount of money you choose (typically $2) is placed into an electronic “wallet/purse” that is maintained by CoinTent. There are no hidden fees for creating a CoinTent wallet/purse to hold your $2 or for any other reason. If you put $2 into your CoinTent wallet/purse, then you will be able to buy a full $2 worth of articles.

In addition, because you’re using a Credit Card or PayPal to place money into CoinTent, the most that is at risk is the small amount of money in CoinTent – for example, if I should for some reason fail to provide $2 of articles you want to read. Every time you see a CIRS article you’d like to read, you simply log into your wallet/purse and click to buy it using your CoinTent money. The process is simple and secure. All you need is an up-to-date web Browser.


Instead of pasting advertising all over the site or soliciting fees from companies for backing their products, I’m hoping you’ll support this quieter and gentler approach. As it stands, I’ll never make more than spare change for my efforts, but it’s at least a way for me to feel appreciated and for you to get involved. I’ve got a lot more to say on the subject of CIRS! Please help support this labor of love.

Your Input Matters

In order to read quality material, first someone has to write it. I charge a small fee for my specialized CIRS articles as a way of garnering the support I need to continue to write about Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Without support, this website will not flourish.

Said another way, giving and receiving is a two way exchange. No one can continue giving for long without receiving some form of acknowledgment. For me, this means asking for a small token of financial support in exchange for my writings. It’s important for me to know that people appreciate the effort it takes to write this content enough to be willing to make a small gesture.

Just to be clear, this website is not some effort to build a business around CIRS wherein I work to increase website traffic, an email database, and all that stuff. This is just me writing about CIRS. After putting in hundreds of hours writing content and answering questions, I felt like I’d presented the material that was important for me personally to get out there. I’m glad to have made the effort and pleased that it is helping others. With that done, the motivation for continued writing changed and its now about hanging with people that want to hear more on this topic and are willing to put a little “skin in the game” as a way of saying thanks for the effort it takes to write new articles.

I don’t expect a lot, just a small gesture. If I only one person is willing to make the effort, I’m totally cool with that. I’ll write for that one person. If no one wants to ante up any spare change, then its simply time for me to move on. Its that simple.

Now I know it’s difficult to consider others when the situation is dire, but I’m not asking for a lot. In addition, I believe the token support I receive is as important to me as it is to the person who gives it. That is, for healing to take place, it’s important that those who are suffering truly decide what is important and then commit. It’s only $2, but emotionally and from a healing perspective, it’s very important. Do you believe in the CIRS model enough to actually support it? This is an important question. If you find this website to be of value, please help maintain it and support additional writings by purchasing a selection of CIRS articles.