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Posted May 6, 2017

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About a month ago, Caleb Rudd from “down-under” (Australia) asked me to review the “Mold Illness Made Simple (MIMS)” course that he and Dr. Sandeep Gupta had put together to help those suffering from mold illness – also called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Caleb is a “moldy” and friend. Over the years, we’ve had various discussions related to CIRS. His support has been very meaningful to me.

Having gotten to know Caleb a bit, I wasn’t surprised at all to learn that he had worked with Dr. Gupta to put together a course to help folks with CIRS. I’ve learned that Caleb is very detailed oriented and totally into learning all the ins-and-outs of this illness. Together with his helpful nature and smarts, the creation of the MIMS course made perfect sense.

Having said this, I have to admit that when Caleb told me about the course, part of me wondered how much more could be added to the subject. After all, I and others have written quite a bit about CIRS. Furthermore, Dr. Shoemaker has published two large volumes on the subject, “Surviving Mold” and “Mold Warriors”, along with hosting the website Surviving Mold.

As I worked through the Mold Illness Made Simple course, I was pleasantly surprised. Caleb and Dr. Gupta have put together a really well thought out package. The rich course material consists of 18 chapters each with their own supportive video. Real care has been taken to condense the mass of material related to CIRS into a digestible form. As those with CIRS know, it’s really hard to think clearly; “moldy” folks need all the help they can get.

So here’s a brief list of points I made to myself while working through the course material.

  • MIMS Chapter 2The course not only covers the CIRS protocol but also spends some time on subjects like mold testing, remediation, mold avoidance, and Lyme – Course Details. It does a good job laying out the basics related to these additional subjects.
  • Caleb and Dr. Gupta do a nice job presenting enough material related to CIRS in order to provide a good foundation without swamping the reader with details. CIRS is a complicated subject. The MIMS course does a nice job paring down and simplifying an otherwise overwhelming body of material.
  • The course is vetted not only by Dr. Gupta, who is Shoemaker certified, but also by Dr. Shoemaker himself. This makes the course material a “go to” source when questions arise related to protocol.
  • I’ve never dealt with Dr. Gupta, but he seems like a nice guy. The course is infused with helpful suggestions and words of encouragement that address common CIRS concerns.
  • MIMS WorkbookI’ve studied CIRS a lot. As such, I was surprised to find that there was a fair amount of material that was new to me. For example, the complications that can arise for those with Lyme co-infections.
  • In addition to nicely done videos with lots of graphics to go along with each of the written chapters in Mold Illness Made Simple, Caleb and Dr. Gupta do a good job explaining difficult material. For example, using a piano analogy to explain the difference between 23andMe and “Progene DX” CIRS gene testing. They deftly explain this difficult subject by writing, “A simple analogy is the genome as a piano. The piano (genome) does not change, but depending on what keys are struck and in which order (transcriptome) the music produced can be quite different, even from the same piano. In this analogy, the music is your health status, and that music can change depending on what your body experiences. Therefore gene mutation testing, such as 23andMe, is important for understanding if the piano is in tune, but the transcriptomic (Progene DX) test will tell you about the music being played at that moment.
  • MIMS QuizCurrently, you have to pass a multiple-choice quiz (60% or better) at end of each chapter before you can move on. Personally, I question this one aspect of the format. I tend to jump around as I learn material and often read books from the back to the front. Don’t get me wrong, I think the quizzes are a real added bonus, and I can see how they can help folks with “moldy” brains focus. It’s just that I think a person should be able to opt-out. Having said this, the quizzes are pretty easy and you can take them as many times as you like. Upon passing, you are awarded a certificate of completion.
  • The course has its limitations. Choices had to be made about what to include. While it provides a really solid foundation, there will inevitably be those with nuanced situations that aren’t covered.
  • While the course if well laid out, readable, and has lots of supportive material, there is room for improvement when it comes to grammar and punctuation. I know, it’s a small point. My guess is that this will be cleaned up over time.
  • You can download all the course material. I really like this fact as the material can be viewed at any time in the future on just about any device.
  • There is a private Facebook Group where you can post questions and help others. Last I heard, Caleb answers questions and he knows CIRS backwards and forwards.
  • The cost of the course is $199 minus 10% with the coupon CLARITY10. While this may sound like a lot, the alternative is to slough through Dr. Shoemaker’s 600+ page books, take notes on lots and lots of videos, and then compile the whole mess. It took me many months to do this years ago before a course like this was available. Whatever approach you decide on, I strongly encourage you to engage your illness and this means learning the ins-and-outs of CIRS. Having at least a basic understanding allows your mind to be involved in the healing process. It’s good to know the “lay of the land”, be able to ask your doctor intelligent questions, and offer helpful suggestions.

For those with CIRS, Mold Illness Made Simple is a great place to get a solid understanding into what the illness is all about and how to treat it. Regardless of what protocol you ultimately decided is best for you, it just makes good sense to understand this illness from the perspective of doctors and researches that have studied CIRS in depth. In so doing, you gain confidence and are better able to understand how to proceed in your own recovery. Be well.

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While I don’t receive any financial gain from MIMS purchases, I’ve arranged with Caleb for a free MIMS subscription to be given away to a “moldy” that could use some support. For every 4 purchases through the link above, Biotoxin Journey gives away one free MIMS coupon. When a free subscription is available, I put up a raffle in the Members area. In addition to needing our support and having a strong interest in learning about CIRS, I’ve asked that the winner write a 275+ word composition (one page double spaced) as a way of bringing us together.

June 2017 MIMS Winner: Viridiana C.


Viridiana is chronicling her journey. She writes:
“…Not long after that sensation, I began to experience yet another different type of being on fire. This one was a bit more complex, and for the longest time did not know how to explain it to my husband until I studied the symptoms of CIRS, but it was just as painful as the prior feeling. Just as the previous sensation, I experienced the ice picking pain burning and stinging me internally. I cannot remember the exact date, but I remember being in the kitchen washing dishes and suddenly feeling the sensation you get when you have been sitting out in freezing temperatures for hours, or when you have been holding ice too long. Internally, my pinky felt as though someone was holding ice to it and immediately the ice began to pick at my pinky causing it to burn and sting. The sensation lasted for about fifteen to twenty seconds…” (more on Viridiana’s blog)