Temperfect Mug Giveaway!

After posting each of the next few articles, Biotoxin Journey will be hosting a Giveaway for a Temperfect mug. The goal is to get the mug to someone that has CIRS as a way of brightening their day, or saying job well done in having recovered.

Giveaway Rules

Temperfect Mugs

  1. Only sign up once for each Giveaway.
  2. There will be a separate sign-up for each Giveaway.
  3. To announce new Giveaways, an email will be sent to Notify Me subscribers and a popup will appear on the site.
  4. Software will be used to randomly select one winner.
  5. The winner has 24 hours to acknowledge notification.
    (Unblock email spam filters for biotoxinjourney.com)
  6. Please refrain from posting this Giveaway on public venues.

Good Luck!

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