The Great Reset



If you don’t understand the basics of central banking, how money works, then it’s impossible to put all of the turmoil from COVID, racial strife, and the recent U.S. elections into context. Most people never make the effort to understand the workings of our current banking system and so fail to grasp just how corrupt and power-hungry the CEOs of the large banks and global corporations are. They are missing the “big picture”. Now more than ever, people need to wake up.

While the term “evil” is bantered about a lot nowadays, in the case of this predatory class of the super wealthy, the term comes closest to describing what they’ve been planning for a long time and are now putting into action. This is not a conspiracy; the machinations of this predatory class of oligarchs are well supported in corporate white papers. So please listen up; your well-being, and the well-being of those that you love, depends on your expanding your worldview and understanding the workings of money.

I understand that the mere mention that nearly all of what’s playing out in terms of COVID, racial derision, and the hotly contested U.S. elections are in fact choreographed events, designed to cause the population of the U.S. to fight amongst itself in order to usher in a “new world order”, sounds far fetched to the uninitiated. But this is only because most people are completely unaware of the world’s real power structure. They don’t understand how money works and even if they did, it’s hard for people to imagine that a group of power hungry individuals could be so brutal. This is because most people are basically good. So even when faced with the facts, the strong temptation is to look away. Please don’t. Haven’t we all suffered enough? Isn’t it time that we really look at what’s going on?

If we don’t wake up now, I can tell you what’s coming. It is death and suffering at a levels never seen before. Now I know this may sound like a lot of hyperbole but it’s not. All debt-based money systems like the one in the U.S. hava a limited lifespan before the amount of debt issued by the for-profit central banking cartel grows to unbearable levels and the currency implodes. It has happened time and again in history. It’s inevitable and very, very close to happening in The United States of America.

Bankers and the heads of global corporations know this all too well and have been preparing. They are now creating cover in the form of chaos as they prepare to crash the dollar, usher in a new global currency, and institute a surveillance state in ways heretofore never seen before – think of the “social scoring” system and digital currency used in China to control behavior multiplied by 1000! For a concise overview of the plans that have been laid, I refer you to Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Her insights into the real power structures that are destroying humanity are profound. If your time is limited, her video and the one by Alison McDowell in the next section are key.

Catherine Austin Fitts Full Interview Planet Lockdown

In case this all sounds a bit too theoretical, as in why should you care, understand that when the value of the dollar collapses, the vast majority of digital wealth held by average people around the world will disappear. As the new all digital currency is rolled out, it will replace the old one for “pennies on the dollar”. The deaths from starvation alone due to the dramatic throttling back of the world’s economy are already in the tens of thousands monthly. This will balloon to many times this rate as civil war erupts in the U.S. between those that understand the real game that is afoot and those that have been enveloped in the powerful lies spewed by the bankers and other predatory figureheads in industry and the body politics. Note: Since April 2020, the net worth of billionaires has risen roughly 27%.

By the way, in the event that you’re thinking that this is just a really elaborate way of saying that COVID isn’t real or deadly, I’m not. This is especially so for those over 70 years of age, or with one or more of the “co-morbidities” that have been shown to be highly correlated with COVID. Instead, what I am saying is that specific to COVID, we really need to put the impact of this virus into perspective. For example, Dr. Anthony Fauci predicts that the number of death from COVID will be between 100,000 to 200,000. In contrast, the additional deaths from suicides, drug abuse, lack of medical coverage or treatment, along with poverty and food access are 59,000, 87,000, 1,350,000, and 780,000 respectively. That totals to over two million deaths over and above what we otherwise would have had and this is just within the U.S.!

So I felt like I should make this clear up front, that I’m not some loony COVID denier. COVID is serious but it needs to be put into perspective. Relative to the mayhem that has been engineered to herd us all into Fourth Industrial Revolution, as envisioned by central banks and global corporations, COVID pales in comparison. There is much more going on!

Getting back to the real game afoot, if you’re angry with your neighbor for their views regarding COVID, racial disparity, or politics, I would humbly suggest that you are wrapped up in the chaotic circus that has been rolled out in order to keep you from seeing what’s really going on. You need to wake up. Literally, the future of humanity is in the balance. Will enough people finally realize the life crushing plans this predatory class of people has mapped out for us, or will this group of self-ordained rulers sweep in their tyrannical “great reset”? It all depends on how many people are willing to really look and see what’s going on. Money is power and when a small group of obsessed individuals control nearly all of the world’s wealth, they’re not only capable of creating elaborate schemes of deception, but they gleefully do so thinking they know best.

What Can I Do?

If enough people wake up to how the world really works, the possibility of a truly egalitarian society is at hand. Unfathomable amounts of wealth will be made available to the masses in order that they can, for the first time ever, create a loving future of their own design. A handful of governmental changes could go a long way toward putting an end to the existing power structure. It’s changes like term-limits on congressional members, the removal of lobbyists and big money from politics, the rescinding of special privileges given to corporations that in practice give them more rights (corporate person-hood) than living souls created in God’s image, the forgiveness of all fictitious governmental debt to central banks, the elimination of the existing debt-based banking systems in favor of “sound money”.

On a more local level, refuse to go along with illegal mask wearing measures. As it stands, businesses are breaking Federal law when then don’t allow individuals that choose to not wear a mask due to health or religious considerations to shop in their stores. In fact, you can take them to civil court and win to prove your point. In other words, work to expose programs designed to move everyone into the digital world and have all things including the individual digitalized and controlled through artificial intelligence (AI) – see the work of Alison McDowell below.

Note: Of course, if you’re more susceptible, or are spending time with someone that is, by all means wear a new N95 mask, don’t touch it while it’s in place, wash your hands before putting the mask on, and so forth per CDC recommendations in order to get some level of protection from the mask.

Riot Map
Mask Mandates and Coronavirus Infections (Source: Yinon Weiss)

On a personal level, use cash whenever possible. Bank locally with a small credit union and use their debit card. Get rid of, or at least minimize, the use of credit cards. If you work in industries that are in fields related to 5G, mRNA experimental “vaccines”, the large banks, or controlled media, find new work that isn’t involved in creating a digital prison for humanity. If you’re brave enough, find ways to subvert these systems of control. Minimize transacting on “smart” devices, pay for a secure email service that doesn’t track everything you do like Tutanota, and above all, make the effort to talk with others about what’s really going on!

The filthy rich are rapidly corralling us all within a digital world. It’s a mistake to be fighting with one another. Read on and see for yourself that the chaos we’re seeing today is being whipped up to keep folks distracted while the “new world order” is ushered in.

The Covid Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution – Alison McDowell

Thrive: Follow the Money



What’s going on? Experts of every sort within mainstream media and the governement are telling us that COVID is a serious threat. They have told us that we need to lockdown society and to prepare for the second and subsequent waves. They have admonished us to stand clear of one another while we wait for the implementation of a experimental vaccine regiment. Are they correct?

In my humble opinion, this question can only be rightly answered if you have a big enough picture. Otherwise, who’s to say that expert A is right while expert B is wrong. That is, if highly pedigreed experts such as virologists can’t agree on the impact of COVID, what hope is there for an outsider to discern who’s right and who’s wrong? Sure, the average person can try to look at the background, financial ties, and past associations of these experts but this is very difficult to do and these associations are sometimes intentionally obscured.

What we need is a big enough picture in order to make sense of today’s events. To understand why this is so, we need to understanding how people form opinions. Not surprisingly, the viewpoint of most folks is based upon who they trust and this in turn is based upon their worldview. Said another way, people form opinions, to a large extent, based upon what makes them feel safe. They lean toward views that give them the sense that they understand the world they live in and also how to operate safely within it. Opinions that bolster their worldview are embraced while all others are quickly rejected. Unless and until something happens that seriously challenges this worldview, these opinions remain intact. It’s just basic human nature and makes good sense in most situations.

So what’s your worldview and is it big enough to be able to correctly sift through the mountain of competing viewpoints related to COVID, racial duress, and politics? If I may be so bold, most of us have been lucky; we’ve lived a sheltered life. Now I’m sure it doesn’t seem that way at times, but the fact is that in the U.S., you’ve grown up in a society where if you worked hard within the established system, you could often “get ahead”. It was a society where government and its various enforcement arms appeared to be mostly benevolent. It was a society where we were taught to trust, obey, and even fear authoritative agencies and figures.

So now our government has come out and said that COVID is a very real threat to us all and that we need to take severe steps to quell it. If you’ve been lucky enough to not have your worldview completely upended, the tendency is to believe these authoritative figures. After all, many have gotten along well enough in doing so. Personally, I wasn’t so lucky and years back had to tear myself away from the conventional medicine paradigm in order to save my health from a crushing illness that conventional medicine dismisses to this day. I was forced to question my worldview and began studying how the world really works.

So while it’s important to do research about COVID, politics, and racial disparity, understanding the world’s power structure is essential. For example, if we were just to look at leading figureheads like Anthony Fauci, the director of NIAID with his deep ties to the pharmaceutical industry, and Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director of WHO and a former leader in an Ethiopian terrorist organization involved in human rights abuses, most of us would say what the government is telling us regarding COVID is suspect because these guys have really questionable backgrounds. However, there are a seemingly endless number of well reasoned and respected experts on various media outlets backing up Fauci’s and Ghebreyesus’s policies. If Fauci and Ghebreyesus are “playing us”, why is it that so many other professionals are following along?

Now of course, there are many that understand that well over 90% of all media outlets are controlled by a handful of global corporations. However, what I think is often lacking is a true appreciation for just what this means. What it means is that when you tune to the BBC, NPR, FOX, ABC, and the like along with most “alternative” news outlets, you’re being given a tailored version of what the globalists want you to believe. You’re being presented with a worldview that favors greed and domination.

To be sure, the tone and ancillary tidbits are altered based upon the “flavor” of the news outlet. However, the primary messaging remains unchanged. This includes outlets that appear to be oppositional on the surface but really are just a means of muddying the understanding of those that are waking up. It takes real discernment to wade through the web of deception these media conglomerates have woven!

So I’m not surprised when some of my neighbors, friends, and family line up behind the globalist’s agenda. The methods that have been used for many decades are highly sophisticated. Billions have been spent in crafting techniques used to manipulate people in subtle and self-serving ways.

Take for example, conventional medicine. Given the complexity of life, no one should be surprised to learn that that much of what is believed to be true in current medicine is later found out to be wrong. Remember the low-fat craze? And yet we’re told with assurity that COVID is a real threat and that experimental vaccines are safe. This is done in spite of the humanities seriously limited understanding of how the body works combined with the knowledge that the crafting of studies to yield outcomes in favor of corporations is common practice. Industry studies do not provide clarity, they support the corporations that funded them.

So I get it. Corporations and their minions have created a lot of confusion in efforts to get their way and this extends into all realms of life – not just medicine. So if you’ve bought into the paradigm that the bulk of the chaos being pumped out by the media is real, it’s not your fault. Having said this, it is time for you to “pull back the curtain”, to broaden your worldview.

Allow me this concrete example to explain why worldview is so important and why most have a worldview that has been mostly shaped by mega-money interests. Today, doctors go through years of schooling and then years more of residency before they get their license. In simplistic terms, they’re taught that bacteria and viruses are the root cause of many diseases and solution is to kill them. It’s a drug based model; it’s a war based model. As they progress through their schooling, they’re taught what drug kills what “bug” and see some amazing results that convinces them of this approach.

No one ever teaches them any one of a number of other models. Say for example, about “terrain theory”. In this theory, it is understood that we are ourselves mostly bacteria, viruses, and molds and the job of a good physician is to help the 10% of cells that are actually human balance and work in harmony with this cosmos of other organisms that make up our bodies. It is a model about balance, not war. It is a model where solutions like the use of higher doses of vitamin C and vitamin D along with zinc and quercetin to dramatically help prevent and treat COVID are embraced – see the MATH+ and I-MASK protocols. It’s a model that looks at the bigger picture and asks not only what can be done in the immediate to bring about healing but what conditions led to the illness to begin with.

Best Covid Treatment To Date By Far!

COVID Cure – Dr. Pierre Kory, MD – Senate Testimony

So now ask yourself, why is there essentially zero discussion by government officials related to boosting the immune system? Isn’t this just common sense? Besides the over-the-counter supplements mentioned, what is happening in our environment that contributed to this outbreak? These questions never get asked, let alone answered, by the powers-that-be because it is not in their worldview of how the human body works and goes against their plans for us. We are currently all trapped in a war-based model of the world.

In fact, the John D. Rockefeller foisted the current drug-based paradigm upon the public. This is a model wherein other healing modalities like herbal medicine, which have been around for hundreds of years, were demonized. It is a petroleum model that made Mr. Rockefeller and others exceedingly rich. Crushing the competition was just “good business” as far as Mr. Rockefeller was concerned. So you see, those in control of great wealth shape worldview. The fact that doctors, very smart people, can have their worldview so thoroughly shaped should give us all a moment of pause when reflecting on our own personal views. Whose views are they, really?

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Rockefeller Medicine by James Corbet

So without the bigger picture, it’s impossible to sift through all of the conflicting data as in the two studies below. Both appear to be valid. Perhaps, one could say that the Marine study is more indicative of what we can expect from wearing masks, social distancing, and sanitizing measures because the data comes from the “real world” and is specific to COVID-19. In contrast, the other study is a meta analysis of 172 studies and it would seem there’s more room for “error” in both the validity of the studies themselves and their interpretation. However, I’m sure there are numerous experts that could argue convincingly otherwise. Hell, that’s what any good lawyer does regardless of the guilt or innocence of their client. So we need a larger framework to make sense of the data.

Money and WorldView

With enough money, the worldview of entire populations can be scripted. For example, it should come as no surprise that pharmaceutical companies with their trillions of dollars can commission any number of studies to come out in favor of their latest drug or experimental vaccine. After all, when a drug company can set the parameters of a study, grant the study to researchers that are in alignment with their goals, and then prevent the study results from being published should they not turn out favorably, is it any wonder that drugs like anti-depressants with their significant side-effects are relentlessly pushed upon the public? This is in spite of the fact that simple exercise has been shown to be more effective for mild to moderate depression. The manipulation of study results is is just one of a whole quilt of crookery that has been used to blind the public from the truth.

TEDx – CBS Reporter Exposes Media Lies & Internet Shills

So let me ask you, who has the most money? To answer this is to begin to tear back the veneer over the world of deception in which we live and see how and why many controversies today are being intentionally created and/or fueled. Now I promise not to pull back too much of this covering but I need to expose enough so that you have a clear enough lens through which to view current events related to COVID, racial strife, and politics. And for this, the best approach is to look at central banking. For those of us in The United States of America, this specifically means the Federal Reserve.

Now before you nod off to sleep at the mention of banking, recall the case made up to this point. Namely, big money interests are controlling your behavior through sophisticated and subtle scripting of your worldview. In the past, this manipulation was limited. However, today we’re being told the world’s population must be vaccinated with a experimental, genetically modified RNA vaccine. This experimental vaccine will unquestionably modify the expression of our DNA. At a minimum, it causes the cells in our body to produce spike proteins. Furthermore, the probability that this modification will be permanent with unforeseen side effects is very high – this same approach is used to permanently modify plants and other organisms. The manipulation of our worldview has been shifted into “hyper-drive”.

Bill Gates has told us that the entire world needs to be given the experimental vaccine. The pharmaceutical companies have told us that their experimental “vaccine” is over 90% “effective”. However, when looking at their numbers, what they’re really saying is that without getting the shot that genetically alters your body (it’s really not a vaccine) that you had about a 1% chance of getting COVID-19. With their experimental “vaccine”, this was reduced to a small fraction of 1%. So for a reducing the chance of catching COVID by about 1%, you’re taking on a lot of risk. Please note that the statistics only relate to catching COVID. The 90% efficacy statement says nothing about symptoms or mortality of those that do and don’t catch the virus. Do all of those in the experimental vaccine group get really sick if they do happen to catch COVID while those in the unvaccinated group have mostly flu-like symptoms? We don’t know because this data is hidden.

In fact, there are a lot of unknowns. One important fact is that previous attempts in 2012 to develop a coronavirus vaccine for SARS resulted in disaster. Mice and ferrets given the vaccine appeared to be well inoculated against SARS. However, when they were intentionally infected (challenged) with the actual virus, their immune systems went into overdrive. Their body’s immune system attacked itself. Many of the ferrets and mice died. Understand that no animal studies have been done for the COVID “vaccine” due to the fact that we’re supposedly in an emergency situation. Folks that take the COVID shot are the test animals. Along these same lines, I’ll leave looking into harmful neurological effects of “adjuvants” that are included in these injected concoctions in order to make them more potent.

World Health Organization – Global Vaccine Safety Summit

Since no one knows what the long term effects of this new class of experimental “vaccines” will be, essentially, the vitality of the entire human race is at stake. And I haven’t even touched on all the chaos related to racial friction and politics. So it is vital that you understand the basics related to money and power in order to be able to determine what’s really going on. For the sake of all those that you love, spend a little time to learn about banking so you can begin to see the depth of perversion in play. See for yourself how this understanding helps you make better sense of all the upheaval we’re seeing today.

Central Banking


I’m going to keep this very simple. Just like not needing to understand the thermodynamics of an engine to know that without gasoline a car won’t run, understanding the fundamentals of banking is sufficient doesn’t require a deep dive into the workings of the Federal Reserve (Fed). I’ll leave digging into all the nuances to those interested.

To understand the truly evil nature of central banking one simply need contemplate the implications of the fact that central banks are private institutions. Granted, they’re intertwined with government, but essentially they operate just like any other private business. They work to maximize gains and minimize losses. Even though the Constitution says that only Congress has the power to make and determine the value of money, the Federal Reserve (Fed) was wrongly given this authority. By itself, this isn’t a problem. However, the Fed charges interest for the creation of money and “therein lies the rub”.

Here’s why. If you’re a bank, your profits depend upon the amount of money you can lend out and collect interest on. It’s all about the interest. If you’re the Federal Reserve, you print up money out of nowhere and give it to politicians so they can buy favor from their constituents and remain in office. As perverse as this is, the Fed is more than happy to “help out” politicians. This is because in return for creating money out of thin air, our government issues Treasury Bills to the Fed in exchange for the money they create. This is done by the issuance of Treasury Bills (T-bills). T-bills are governmental IOUs to have its citizenry repay all the money with interest that the Fed printed. Now mind you, this is money that the Congress should have created by itself with no interest attached!

This system exists because it gives Congress “cover” when they increase the money supply to buy favors. Sadly, most congressional members don’t understand that every time more money is created to “pay” for governmental expenditures that it leads to ever greater levels of inflation. They just think, hey we can “sell” some T-bills to finance our projects and curry favors. What often isn’t understood is that all of these extra dollars that the Fed “printed up” then enter the economy and create inflation – more dollars compete for the same goods driving up prices. In effect, governmental spending thru the issuance of T-bills is a hidden tax because it reduces the purchasing power of the dollar.

Again, congressional members use governmental spending to buy favors of all sorts. They lust after power. If Congress was directly responsible for the control of the money supply, it would be easy for the people to see that as more money is flooded into our economy by politicians, the prices of everything goes up – there are more dollars competing for the same goods.

With the Fed sitting in-between this process, it becomes convoluted and most don’t make the connection. This is by design and the central bank is complicit in this deception. From this arrangement, the amount of wealth central banks amass is unfathomable and a person really needs to sit with this for a spell to get a sense for the levels of wealth we’re talking about. In essence, nearly all of the world wealth is held by a very small number of oligarchs. So I’m not talking about the top 1%. I’m talking about a very thin sliver of the top 1%. It’s not people that have managed by hard work and saved even a few million dollars, it’s corporations and the predatory elite with billions and trillions at their disposal that are “hell bent” on controlling the world.

The Monetary System Visually Explained

Given the massive value of the “loans” the Fed gives our government, is it any wonder that one year after the Fed was created in 1913, that income tax was established? Elements of the government in collusion Fed needed assurances that the interest on the money the Fed created from nowhere would be repaid! Given the stupendous amount of money involved, this meant enslaving the entire population through the use of the income tax. If you don’t pay your portion of interest due to the Fed, you go to jail.

So this central banking structure now encompasses the entire world. We are all slaves to the fictitious debt owed to central banks. In addition to the unworldly amount of wealth, and consequent power and control that central banks have amassed, it is also very important to understand that all paper money systems have a “shelf life”. As we’re seeing in real time related to the U.S. paper money system, the amount of debt swells to unbearable levels over time as governments attempt to “kick the can down the road” by taking on exponentially larger and larger amounts of dept.

Knowingly, central banks are more than happy to lead us all to a great financial ruin. That’s the plan. They understand that all “fiat” systems only last at most about 50 years – the U.S. paper dollar was completely uncoupled from any sort of control in the early 1970’s when President Nixon took the dollar off the gold standard. Prior to uncoupling from the gold standard, the amount of dept the Fed could issue was restrained because physical gold had to be held, at a specific ratio, in U.S. vaults. Since gold is a limited resource, so were the number of dollars the Fed could print and collect interest on.

So we’re very, very close to the end of the U.S. dollar. The central bankers know a new monetary system needs to be heralded in. For all except the super wealthy, the Fed will want to be paid for the fictitious interest on money they printed from nowhere. This means that all of your savings will be devalued to pennies on the dollar. In other words, the new system will issue some number of the new currency for a given number of old dollars. The “kicker” is that the number of new currency you’ll end up with will only buy a tiny fraction of what the old dollars could. Where does all this lost wealth of the masses go? It goes to the owners of the central banks of course – to pay off the debt that we should have never owed them to begin with. It’s a mad world indeed!

Century of Enslavement: The History of The Federal Reserve

Now please take a moment to ponder this. You actually already knew much of what I’ve described. It’s just that I’ve put the pieces together so you can see a portion of the puzzle in whole. You already knew that banks charge interest on the money they lend. You already knew that bankers like to make money and will of course lend out as much of it as they can to maximize profits. You may not have known that the Fed was a private corporation but that’s understandable given its deep ties with the government and very real efforts to obscure this fact. What you may not have grasped is that in a system where every dollar that comes into our existence has interest associated with it will invariably lead to a debt bubble. It’s a debt bubble large enough to collapse the entire U.S. financial system. This is where we’re at today.

So now think about this for a minute. When it comes down to it, it is impossible to ever pay back the Fed – not that we ever should because central banking is fraudulent. However, even if we tried it would be impossible. This is because the only way to pay off the interest is for the Fed to lend more money, to make up for the interest due. However, this additional money has interest assigned to it too and that’s interest can only be paid by the Fed printing up even more money with interest associated with it! It’s a “debt trap” that the bankers have set time and again over the centuries and always leads to collapse!

In “The State of Our Currencies“, Catherine Austin Fitts writes,

“Discussions of monetary systems and policies often happen in a vacuum. However, given that our currency and financial systems are a subset of our governance system, it is not possible to understand them divorced from an understanding of our governance system—including who really runs things, what risks concern them, and what their goals are. As that information is secret, it is all too tempting to just ignore it.

Despite the uncertainties, it is imperative that we place the governance system question front and center. This is challenging in a period of rapid change. While some of us spent several decades discussing whether or not we should return to a gold standard, the United States experienced a financial coup d’état, including $21 trillion missing from U.S. government accounts and extraction of $29 trillion from the U.S. government to reimburse the banking system for massive mortgage and financial fraud. Now, the U.S. is embarked on $10-plus trillion (and counting) of monetary and fiscal stimulus in 2020. The accumulation of federal deficits and debt combined with retirement and pension obligations raise questions regarding the future existence of the United States, its laws, and government structure—and, with these, the U.S. dollar. We are approaching $60 trillion shifted out of the existing system, much of it into hidden hands, while liabilities are ballooning, with even more being moved onto taxpayers’ balance sheet.

These are all signs that a potential “cut and run” is underway. If not a “cut and run,” then certainly a radical reengineering of the U.S. governmental systems lies ahead. Indeed, it has been quietly happening behind the scenes for some time. Presumably, the radical reengineering is accelerating now that FASAB 56 has arranged complete freedom from financial reporting or laws.1″

So few people understand where the real wealth and power lies. For example, I just shake my head when I see the younger generation buying into some form of socialism/fascism. Setting aside that these forms of government have never worked out well, they invariably pit one class of everyday-people within a society against another. The general understanding seems to be that somehow it is the older generation that is responsible for the decline in overall prosperity and therefore needs to be “done away with” including their system of governance. I can’t begin to express what a tragedy these movements are not only in terms of the destruction they reek upon regular folks, but much more importantly, because it completely misses the big picture. Attaching your neighbor is exactly what our would-be-rulers want.

The wealth of hard working folks that have managed to build up their savings over a lifetime represents a minuscule fraction of the wealth stolen by central banks and global corporations. More importantly, these folks are in “no stretch of the imagination” responsible for the debt-trap laid by central banks and political foul play of mega-corporations. If they’re at fault of anything, it’s underestimating just how devious and pervasive the real power structure is. Knocking Grandma over the head in retribution for the current state of affairs, all the while allowing the oligarchs off “Scot-free”, simply ensures more of the same. When will we ever learn?

George Carlin – It’s A Big Club & You Ain’t In It! (strong language)

So now ask yourselves, what types of people position themselves between a population and the currency the people use to facilitate trade in order to become unimaginably rich? We all know that some are greedier others but this goes way beyond greed. The upper echelon of bankers not only steal from the people but do so all the while knowing that it will lead to the deterioration of the fabric of society. Easy money always leads to all manner of excesses and eventual collapse the society. This includes massive job loss, wealth transfer to the bankers, poverty, social unrest, and worse. What types of people knowingly do this? I’ll tell you, megalomaniac. These are people that want to rule the world, that figures they’re smarter than the rest, and act on their conviction. They are a small group of power-drunk individuals that savage the good and caring.

We’re talking about high-level bankers, wealthy individuals with ties to the banking system, members of the Bilderberg group, and the like. If you think these folks are simply content in sitting on their wealth and buying whatever they like, think again. One doesn’t have to look far to get a sense for the type of planning that’s been going on for generations by this group. Look at the United Nation’s “2030 Agenda”. Money is just the means for getting ever greater amounts of the power and control they desire.

Order Out of Chaos

Order Out of Chaos

So I’ve been studying these sorts of topics for over a decade. I knew that the monetary system was due for a “great reset”. And I knew the reset was coming soon. We started to see the unraveling of the current debt based system in the U.S. with the 2008 crisis. I’m surprised the current monetary system has lasted as long as it has.

The trouble is that all resets are swept in under the cover of chaos. Otherwise, people would see through the central bank charade and tell them to go to hell, decree a dept jubilee wiping out all governmental debt, and in the doing, line their pockets with the stupendous amount of wealth currently held by the predatory class. This is money that undoubtedly would be used by the masses to restructure society in a way that truly respects the rights of the individual. Oh no, this would never do for the predatory class and it’s what they fear the most – people waking up. Once the sleeping masses awake, the predatory class gets sent to jail and the key is thrown away. Beware, it should be made clear that this class of people will do literally anything to remain in power.

So until recently I wondered, “Where is the chaos”? Well, now it’s here. It started with the fomenting of racial divisions. Be clear, I’m not saying that non-whites haven’t been taken advantage of. They have and brutally so starting with the massacre of Native Americans.

Riot Map

What’s important to note about the recent riots is that the majority of the businesses damaged belonged to minorities (red X) and where along the perimeter of “Opportunity Zones” (orange areas) – see Mapping Minneapolis Minnesota Riot Damage, Opportunity Zones, and Fed Banks. Opportunity Zones are a way for the super wealthy to avoid having to pay taxes on gains they made in the stock market by allowing them to invest these monies in property within Opportunity Zones. Isn’t it just wonderfully lucky for them that many of the businesses destroyed were within the Opportunity Zones right along main throughfares. Now, not only can they avoid paying taxes but they can buy the ravaged buildings cheap.

In seeing this pattern of destruction along with the larger perspective I’ve shared, I began to wonder if this wasn’t the beginning of the chaos needed for the reset. Afterall, why now? Why the flood of issues that create social unreset now? Could it be that this was all just a spontaneous expression of discontent. Well maybe but then we have patterns of destruction along with a plethora of other facts saying otherwise.

Continuing on, months later and COVID arrived on the scene. Like most, initially I took it very seriously. As time went on and I began studying the matter, it first became clear that this virus was man-made. Now I’m not saying it was built from the ground up but that it started as a naturally occurring virus that was given “gain-of-function” through genetic manipulation. Consider COVID’s mathematically impossible high affinity to binding to human ACE2 receptor sites. This is further supported by the many highly pedigreed specialists in the field of genetics with additional science to back up the claim that COVID is far from being a natural mutation. Again, having a large enough worldview is so important in being able to sift through the various data, to make sense of it all.

Today, many are walking around in fear. The fear has short-circuited their ability to think critically. They wear dirty masks that they’ve used over and over again in contradiction to common sense and are actually increasing their risk of getting sick. Furthermore, we’re told to forgo attending church, to avoid embracing our fellow man, and consider steering clear of family over the holidays. The Department of Defense has recently come out with a vaccination card for people to carry and some airlines have already declared that they will deny travel abroad to individuals that do not have proof of vaccination. Measures to track and trace everyone are blossoming in the form of mobile apps and are consistent with the “new world order” the predatory class has planned for us.

In order to fully implement these measures of control, we have the launching by Elon Musk of some 42,000 5G satellites, as part of the “Starlink” network, that are already starting to flood the earth with highly toxic 5G radiation. There are an overwhelming number of studies that show that this type of radiation is very harmful. It will lead to a profound weakening of everyone’s immune systems and a subsequent exponentially growth in active COVID cases. Without a doubt, 5G technology is essential to this “great reset”. They need the bandwidth to track and trace every person, every physical asset, and every transaction on the planet – “the internet of things”. COVID will conveniently provide the “cover” for the increase in illness and death 5G will wrought.

Major 5G Danger Update – Environmental Health Trust & DailyClout Explain

Mind you, this is all happening against a backdrop of death due to starvation, suicide, and lack of medical care that vastly outweighs the deaths truly caused by COVID. The United Nation has estimated that 10,000 additional children are dying around the world due to the dramatic reduction in world commerce with an additional 550,000 children suffering from “wasting” due to malnutrition a month!

Ask yourself, why is that the powers-that-be never once disclosed very simple and inexpensive measures people can take to bolster their immune system and fend off COVID? Why is it that not one study has been done related to the safety of 5G? Why is it that hospitals, which are now in financial straits due to restrictions on elective care, are given many thousands for every COVID case they treat? Clearly, this financial incentive is going to prove irresistible to these financially troubled institutions. Why is it that the policy of social distancing and closing businesses that was developed as a high school science project, for the daughter of computer modeler with ties to Anthony Fauci, are being followed? Why is it that we’re using PCR testing to determine who is a danger when the brilliant scientist that developed this method and won a Nobel Prize for his efforts, Mr. Mullis, specifically stated that it should not be used for diagnostic purposes? Again, no one piece of information is ever going to be definitive, we need a larger worldview to put this all in perspective.

And last but not least when it comes to foisting chaos upon the unsuspecting public, we have the tumultuous political climate in the U.S. My goodness, how derision has been sown by the media of which over 90% is owned by a handful of global corporations. From my cursory understanding, the Left is being led to extremism over the racist and eco destroying policies of the Right. Similarly, but using a set of trigger points specific to the party, the Right is being told that our country will fall to communism and despotism in the hands of the Left. Very hard lines are being drawn. The controversy around the 2020 elections couldn’t have been better designed to further foment division between parties.

For example, there are very huge and obvious problems related to the way votes are counted. The fact that the elections are highly manipulated will come as no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to issues around mail-in ballots and electronic voting. I remember when digital voting machines were being introduced and not only the machines, but all the software used to tabulate the votes, was shown to be easily hacked. Seriously, if “script kiddies” could do it, what does that say about government backed efforts?

For myself, I can no longer count on two hands the number of times we’ve had a new credit card issued because our number had been stolen. If banking with all of its wealth can’t keep networks safe, why would we think electronic voting is a good idea? It’s not. What’s of particular to note relative to the topic at hand is that mainstream media is doing everything it can to downplay much of the controversy and thereby alienate a large portion of the populous.

When it comes down to it, I don’t really care who wins the U.S. presidential election because the real driver behind the issues at hand goes way beyond who’s sitting in office. Having said this, I should note that I do understand that President Trump has alluded to “draining the swamp”, taking control over the Fed, and the like but in actuality I’ve not seen any of this come to fruition. Instead, we are seeing the deployment of experimental vaccines “at warp speed” and the rush to be number one in 5G implementation. If any politician ever stands against the real power structure just described, I’ll be there. If we don’t address the real power structure, global corporations and centralized banking, then issues like rigged elections and the destruction of the eco system will pale in comparison to the loss of liberty and the crushing of humanity’s soul.

Note: Some argue in favor of Trump being an outsider playing an elaborate chess game to recover our democratic republic. Take for example, Jim Pugh in his post Leading Up to January 20, 2021 and from which I quote below. While I’m in agreement with Mr. Pugh related to the depth and breadth of corruption, Trump appears to be more of the same – see Everyone Was Wrong About Trump.

Jim Pugh in Leading Up to January 20, 2021

John F Kennedy was elected President. JFK was part of the establishment. However, he knew that he needed to get rid of those is places creating tyranny for the American people. I will not go through all the history here you can do that for yourself. I have provided a link for you to watch the truth about history.

Now what you need to take away is JFK set into motion a lot of things never completed. The assassination of JFK set into motion a plan which would lead the US Citizens the ability to take back the Republic.

After the assassination of JFK a group of generals got together and began to devise a plan to remove the deep states from the United States. A number of people were contacted regarding reviewing of these plans. Cody Snodgres was one you can go do the research. The plan was refined and refined until it got to the point that they felt it was time to select the person that could be elected into the office of the Presidency. Jerome Corsi wrote about this as well in his book – Killing the Deep State.

Now in 2010/2011 a group of generals approached DJT (Donald J. Trump) in thinking about the possibility of running for President and he was given the plan as to what would happen if he did. The generals knew that DJT was in the circles to know what was going on but did not play the game of the deep state.

The plan was this. Trump run and win and the military will begin immediately to assist the president in removing the deep state and go back to a Constitutional Republic. Trump run and loose then the military would move on a coup to take back the country and putting DJT in office once they secured office…

How Corporations Became So Powerful

So here’s my prediction on December 12, 2020 based upon this larger worldview. Everything will be done to create the maximum amount of chaos. In one scenario, President Trump does not leave the Whitehouse. This will be as a result of a Supreme Court ruling declaring the elections invalid or by the use of the military under a legal document like the “Executive Order on Imposing Certain Sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a United States Election”. The Right will see this as a good sign and welcome the martial law, lockdowns, and arrests that follow. The Left will see this as no less than a coup by a power-hungry, racist maniac who negated the votes of blacks and Hispanics. In another scenario, Biden will be inaugurated at which time some states will succeed and armed militia will fight a bloody civil war to defend the Constitution.

If enough people don’t wake up, mayhem will break out. When it does, it will be allowed to flourish. We will likely see power outages. It will be unsafe to carry out simple activities in public. People will start lashing out at one another in violent ways. This is all according to the globalist’s plan. Namely, to create chaos so that people will accept their new world order. Mind you, at the tip of the geometric street layout that forms a triangle in Washington DC stands the “House of Temple”. This is a very bizarre temple indeed. In one alcove of this place of worship is a large stained glass window that reads “ordo ab chao” which is old Latin for order out of chaos. They’ve been planning for a long time and use chaos to usher in their idea of order. Be aware.

Predictive Programming in the Movie Songbird About COVID-23

World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab: We Must Prepare for an Angrier World

The strategy of dividing the masses and creating chaos as a means of ushering in greater levels of control has been used for hundreds of years. Will we fall for it again? I pray not because the level of control being foretold in the video below by the World Economic Forum is extreme. The solution to the human condition is not greater and greater levels of control. The solution is to raise the awareness of the population. The predatory class can’t see this because they’re addicted to power and afraid. I hope you can because our future depends on it.

From Ellis Medavoy (pseudonym) to Jon Rappoport in 2002 about roling out the “new marketing” in phases:

  • First, you use the magic virus to scare people.
  • Next, you persuade people that the only way to protect themselves from the virus is to get designated tests and toxines—pushed and injected up their nose near the brain barrier.
  • You keep the ingredients of the toxine secret, attacking or killing scientists or doctors who try to document or publish the real ingredients.
  • You get vaccine mandates legislated around the world and end religious exemptions. Bankrupting and outlawing the churches helps with that—especially because you need a large supply of aborted fetal tissue for such a massive global vaccination program.
  • You build a large army of contact tracers and snitches to locally herd people into the vaccination process and cull from the herd people who may inspire resistance to the process.
  • As you shift all the essential businesses into your companies, you require the vaccinations for employment, purchases, and transactions. Now that you have shut off many people’s income and moved them to dependence on government subsidies, receipt of subsidies can be made subject to vaccination.

Our Future as Seen by the World Economic Forum (WEF)

  • “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.”
  • “The U.S. won’t be the world’s leading superpower”
  • “You won’t die waiting for an organ donor” — They will be made by 3D printers
  • “You’ll eat much less meat” — Meat will be “an occasional treat, not a staple, for the good of the environment and our health.”
  • “A billion people will be displaced by climate change” – Soros’ Open Borders
  • “Polluters will have to pay to emit carbon dioxide” – “There will be a global price on carbon. This will help make fossil fuels history”
  • “You could be preparing to go to Mars” — Scientists “will have worked out how to keep you healthy in space.”
  • “Western values will have been tested to the breaking point.” – “Checks and balances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten”

What is the Fourth Industrial Revolution? by Prof Klaus Schwab

In All Fairness

So I’ve laid out a fairly ominous worldview wherein the super wealthy drunk on their own power are leading us all into a future where we become nothing more than cogs in a wheel for their benefit. Having said this it is worth mentioning that history is replete with examples of society after society that consumes all of its resources and then collapses – see “Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed” by Jared Diamond. If we look at population growth, energy consumption, and the destruction of the eco system, I think it’s completely reasonable to conclude that instead of just a single society collapsing as in the past, that today we’re steam rolling toward the collapse of the entire planet’s resources and population.

So if you sat at the seat of power and wealth, if you were one of the roughly 140-member Bilderberg Group that sits at the very apex of the current power and control system, what would you do? It’s not like the signs aren’t everywhere that we’re destroying the planet’s eco system and that the world’s population is increasing exponentially. We’re rushing at breakneck speed toward our own demise.

So maybe I’m wrong. I mean, I’m confident about the game afoot but maybe I’m wrong in my characterization of the ruling class. Looking out onto the horizon and being people of action, I can see why they’re trying to push us all into a narrow and controlled future where they hold all the wealth and power. To them, maybe it’s the only way forward for humanity. Personally, I’d rather put my trust in everyday people by letting them know what’s really going on and then either “go down with the ship” or watch as a new era of conscious living unfolds.

Tomorrowland Apocalypse Speech

Snowpiercer – Optimal Balance

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  1. What a great article. Anyone with a brain can figure out there is something fishy going on. This makes a lot of sense. I am a old man with health issues. I am broken down and tired. The fight has left me. The only thing that is keeping me going is trying to figure out how to make this world a better place for our children. I find my self praying a lot. The war in my eyes is against satin. The truly bad people have no soul. Its going to be a very tough battle.