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3 thoughts on “COVID-19

  1. Thank you very much – confirms my own research for my blog (in the German language). Also thanks for the research and opinions on metal detox, GSH, Shade and Cutler! Have to work through it – seems to be very thoughtful!

    I also worked through lots of this stuff, have read all books of Cutler (including hair-analysis), the hormonal system (steroid & thyroid), binders, some videos of Shade, the NRF2 issue, detox pathways NAC, M. Palls writings, CAP/NICO and the like. I think the most-overlooked issue (beside CAP/NICOs) is thyroid and the steroid-hormonal system including the adrenals.

    Wish you all the best and don’t forget the issues of EMF & circadian disruption (Blue-Light) – both lowering melatonin and inducing oxidative stress in multiple ways (VGCC, etc.).


  2. Thanks so much for all of your writings. Do you consider someone with CIRS in the category of illness that calls for extreme COVID caution until herd immunity?

    • In reading Dr. Shoemaker’s article, COVID-19: What is compromised in immunocompromised?, it appears caution is advised for those with CIRS.

      Anecdotally, my 84 year old mother that has full blown, untreated CIRS (have never been able to get her to follow a protocol) was symptomatic (fatigue, fever, and headache) and tested positive for COVID-19. After a couple of days, she recovered with no treatment. Personally, I’m living my life as usual with the exception of supplementing vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc. I don’t wear a mask because I can’t see myself being able to follow the correct protocol – too much hassle and even when following protocol only seems to delay the inevitable.

      Regarding masks, I weep for all of our school children that are losing brain cells due to oxygen deprivation. Per the CDC, kids under 20 years of age, have a 99.997% survivability rate and this is without any treatment like hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. What madness!

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