Dear Vaxxed

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3 thoughts on “Dear Vaxxed

  1. Thanks for reaching out. It is a religion for people. Folks have made their stand on faith, dogma from “authority” and persuasive and emotional preaching, rather than examining other sources of info besides the prevailing one. I lived in a country in my youth, that I observed turn a democracy demonstration into an example of how to crush dissent, perform character assassination, mind wipe the population and change history. The statues and memorials in Hong Kong’s universities are still being removed in the night. In some ways the Pandamoniumdemic echos those days. It felt like that to me. Labeling and dismissing qualified people who have anything to say. The thing that must not be named. Speaking in code. I’ve lived long enough. I know what authoritarian propagandizing smells like. Regarding the media, big FB, and the pokes; if it’s free, you’re the product.

    • Thanks for sharing your insight from previous experiences. Regarding “if it’s free, you’re the product”, that’s so true along with how seemingly easy it is to change history. Also, regarding “It felt like that to me”, I’m always trying to gauge the landscape to determine when it may be time to exit the country. Perhaps if they ever try to mandate injections for everyone.

      For myself, I’ve come to the understanding that many people base their decisions primarily upon their feelings. What’s amazing is that good friends of mine that are very intellectual have completely fallen for the party line.

      I’m reminded of Leslie Mann in the movie, “The Other Woman”. When questioned by her brother regarding the rationale behind her approach to catching her cheating husband, Leslie retorts, “Don’t come at me with all your weird little man logic” as she unpacks night vision gear and a grappling hook from her recon bag. I remember cracking up when I watched the movie years back because Leslie’s emotional response to reason was one I’d run into over and over again in my own life.

      When a situation triggers the emotions of many, that’s all they can see. I’m coming to the understanding that it’s actually fairly rare for someone to be able to set aside their emotions and follow the logic. I can say that I was always of the later bent and that it is what got me out of CIRS hell.

  2. Leave it to Goolag to flag this email notification as Spam..

    Appreciate all your work Greg, I’ve been doing my best to dig myself out of mold sickness the past year or so and have been referring back to BiotoxinJourney as questions arise, your notes have been a huge help. Hoping to be able to donate to the site somewhere down the line when things aren’t so rough.. recently started over from scratch in a new place but feeling way worse after the stress of moving and working fulltime trying to learn a job that goes faster than my brain can keep up with right now, head feels like it’s on fire. Going for NeuroQuant soon to see if I can get some explanation and documentation for my ADA request before my employer gives up on me for being damn near useless.

    Never stop shouting the truth from the rooftops, people need to hear it.

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