Biotoxin Journey Giveaway!

MIMS Words

After making arrangements with Caleb Rudd from “down-under” (Australia), Biotoxin Journey will be giving away a free membership to the “Mold Illness Made Simple (MIMS)” online course that Caleb and Dr. Sandeep Gupta put together to help those suffering from mold illness – also called Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). Biotoxin Journey is not receiving an affiliate fee for “click throughs”. Instead, for every four MIMS course purchases through this website, Caleb will be providing a coupon code for a free membership to be given away to a needy “moldy”.

Giveaway Rules

Every time there is a free membership available, I’ll send out a notice to Notify Me subscribers. My goal is to try to make sure the $199 membership goes to someone that really wants and needs it. Below are rules that hopefully will get the Giveaway to a “moldy” that can really benefit from it.

  1. Only sign up once for each MIMS course Giveaway.
  2. There will be a separate sign-up for each Giveaway.
  3. Please refrain from signing up unless you are in a difficult financial situation and really want to learn about CIRS.
  4. To announce new Giveaways, an email will be sent to Notify Me subscribers and a popup will appear on the site.
  5. The Giveaway software will be used to randomly select one winner.
  6. The winner has 24 hours to acknowledge notification. (Unblock email spam filters for
  7. Winners have 1 week to write 275+ words on a topic related to CIRS. This could be a anything from sharing a portion of their journey to telling others what has helped them thus far. The idea is to provide encouragement and/or support to others on their CIRS journey. Note: One typed page double spaced is roughly 275 words.
  8. Each winner’s composition will be publicly posted at the bottom of the MIMS Review page.
  9. Failing to acknowledge notification within 24 hours or submit a 275+ word piece within 7 days will result in another winner being selected.
  10. Important: Please refrain from posting this Giveaway on public venues!

Fireworks December 2019: We have a winner! Angela

Currently, there are no free MIMS Course subscriptions available.